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The relationship that Carl and Nelson share is 18+ years strong. We are best friends and business partners. We’ve both studied together at design school and traveled and explored countries together. We’ve shared many laughs and memorable stories and have backed each other when times counted. We’ve learnt how to get the best out of each other and enjoy challenging (and exchanging) ideas and thoughts to get the best outcomes. But there is one critical quality that we share that connects us together more than ever and that's ’Trust’. It’s a little word, but a mighty powerful one. It’s why our business is so strong and why we understand and work together so well. We love to work with clients that value and share similar qualities in business because this is what drives the best quality of work and relationship. It’s just how we like to work ~ real, honest and professional.

Over 36 years of collective experience, we are very proud of the cross section of brands we’ve worked with ~ in a creative and strategic sense. Our experience stretches across a diverse range of sectors including FMCG, Retail, Professional Services, Industrial, Local and State Government. We believe in the work we produce and committed to bringing the best out of brands. We enjoy working with clients that love to push the boundaries, who are passionate about their business like we are, see the potential and appreciate the power of ‘brand’. Because ‘brand’ is the only thing that moves people and keeps them coming back. Brand equals trust. And trust is love.

We are Lovemark. Welcome.


We feel privileged to have worked with many successful and leading brands during our time employed, many of which we have managed and help build over the 18 years ~ strategically and creatively.

While Nelson has worked with many of these brands while employed at Sadgrove Design Partners, Morton Design Direction, Manassen Foods Australia and through his former agency Nelson Martins Design.

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Understanding the business, market, audience and competitive landscape and exploring what makes the business different.

Brand Workshops
Internal Engagement


It’s the thinking and strategic process of building a brand, developing a story and identity system that connects and resonates with each audience.

Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Communications Plannin


It’s bringing the brand to life through imagery, tone of voice and personality and creating an engaging brand experience at every touchpoint.

Brand Identity / Guidelines
Signage / Wayfinding
Digital / Motion

lovemark founders

carl taranto

Carl is a proud and passionate creative thinker and problem solver. With over 18 years of industry experience, he has the expertise and credibility to take on any brand and business challenge. He is a perfectionist at heart, works through challenges systematically and enjoys working collaboratively.

nelson martins

Nelson lives and breathes entrepreneurialism. Every fibre of his being is focused on improvement and competitive advantage. With 18 years of industry experience under his belt, Nelson’s approach to problem solving and business experience greatly complements Carl's work.